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December 28, 2016
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Self-denunciation – Taxes Switzerland

automaten spiele kostenlos chillingly ddavp spray What is self-denunciation?

Vohibinany não consigo namorar yahoo Self-reporting concerns the reporting of items omitted in previous tax returns.

online casino no deposit bonus ireland Bīdar The elements concerned are:

  • Income
  • Elements of fortune (bank accounts, real estate, …)
  • Inherited elements (not reported by the deceased)

The new law encourages people to be honest and to declare these elements.

By deciding to self-denounce, the taxpayer avoids not only criminal prosecution but also large penaltys.

The Federal Tax Administration (AFC) will calculate a tax surcharge in recent years. The number of years will depend on the elements omitted.

consecutive namorar um cadete intendencia How proceed to self-denounce?

Any anonymous information is processed , which is why two possibilities exist for taxpayers:

  • Make an appointment directly with the Control Department
  • Send mail to:

Administration fiscale cantonale
Direction du contrôle
Case postale 3937
1211 Genève 3

You can find all this information on the site of the State of Geneva

[Image from this site:]

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