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FiduTaxes is a company based in Geneva with a philosophy to support and listen to all our clients. Whether independent, individual or student – we do everything we can to solve our clients problems.

Our advice and assistance are adjusted to each situation and each client. Every business is unique, every situation is different, each student learns by his own way, and we are here to find the solution to your problems.

What are the areas in which we can help you?

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les meilleurs sites de rencontre gratuit ADMINISTRATION

The creation of a new independent activity is rarely easy. Administrative and accounting procedures are often tasks that take some time to fulfill and we abandoned them for lack of experience or desire. When creating a new business, we want to spend time by occupying of the main activity and deal with all these tasks later.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to manage everything that is why we are here to help you. Let us help you so you can focus on what really important: your business!

see this What exactly does this help mean?

The administration is a very broad term that includes not only the ranking of your documents but also editing letters, contact other companies or authorities. Whether writing a letter to your compensation fund or send your invoices, we will do everything in our ability to make things easier.

Here you have some examples of mandatory administrative tasks when creating an independent activity:

  • Domicilation (In the case where there is no commercial adress)
  • Request for permission to the Régie (When using the residential address for commercial purposes)
  • Registration to a compensation fund (OCAS, FER CIAM GastroSocial ...)
  • Establishment of salary sheet, salary certificate
  • Commercial bank account opening
  • Notification about new independent activity to the Population Office for a person of foreign nationality
  • Registration to the Commercial Register (Optional)
  • Model of contracts, invoices
  • Relation with designers to create logo, website
  • Classifying of invoices, tickets, letters
  • Etc.

http://www.riskmanagementconsulting.ca/paradays/5027 ACCOUNTING

Since the change of law which was held on 01.01.2015, the self-employed person is not obliged to keep a complex accounting if he does not exceed a turnover of CHF 500'000. They can just keep an accounting of income and expenditures called “simplified accounting”. (Article 957 CO)

Without professional advice an independent risks to drop something or present it by the wrong way. We are here to show you the useful habits to manage things to simplify your book-keeping and preparation of your tax return in the future.

This information is also useful to track the evolution of your business, assistance for future decisions.

Therefore, we offer monthly packages adapted to your budget because we understand the difficulty that a company has in the beginning and we know that your success will also be ours.

Accounting includes the following services:

  • Accounting of issued invoices (Account Receivables)
  • Accounting of expenses (Accounts Payables, current expenditures, ...)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Establishment of estimating future business results
  • VAT Account
  • Etc.

additional info TAXATION

Who is concerned ? Is there only Swiss nationals who must declare their income?

Whether you are an individual living in Geneva or just starting an independent activity in our canton – each major person is obliged to declare his income in the canton concerned.

However, there is a "special" tax procedure for foreign citizens and individuals working in Geneva, but living in nearby France.

Why ? And what about tax at source?

Revenues of foreigners and individuals living in nearby France have the distinction of being charged directly and deducted from the monthly salary. The amount of this tax varies according to the age, the situation and the income and, in most cases, this category of residents pays more taxes than they should.

Therefore, there is a particular approach to become "Quasi-resident" and to be taxed by the same way as the citizens of Geneva. This approach is possible under certain conditions.

It is often a difficult task, very indefinite, these are the steps we would like to avoid. What documents do you need to collect? What shouldn’t you forget? Questions we often ask ourselves but sometimes still remain without answer.

We are the answer to these questions, we provide our knowledge and tips so you do not forget anything.

Our tax services include:

  • Establishment of the tax return for individuals and legal entities
  • Intercantonal and intercommunal distribution of income and wealth
  • Control of final taxation
  • Contact the tax authorities
  • Establishment of the claim against the tax taxation
  • Deadlines request
  • Etc.

hildesheim single party SCHOOL SUPPORT

Sometimes, it is enough difficult to find a good tutor who is able to help in the branch of accounting. Whether apprentice or future graduate of CFC, we offer courses suited to your level and your education.

One of the most difficult subject at school is management / accounting. It is the reason of many failures and support is hard to find.

With an experience not only academic but professional, we offer ongoing support throughout the long school year to obtain your goal without difficulty.

The price is 40 CHF / hour.

We reserve the right to refuse to take new students during the year in order not to harm the learning progress of our current students.


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